Parklife is proud that three of our clients and collaborators (Donald Thompson, George Baker, and Kevin Jones) have earned recent recognition as EY Entrepreneurs of the Year. 

Ernst & Young Global Limited is one of the “Big 4” accounting and consulting firms. The organization’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award program is in its 37th year, as EY recognizes the most talented in their fields. Kevin Jones was named in 2022 for US Southeast Region, followed by George Baker in 2023 for the Southwest Region, and Donald Thompson for the Southeast in 2023. 

Central to our mission at Parklife is building an agency that’s a haven for entrepreneurs. Forging meaningful relationships with innovators like Kevin, George, and Don has been highly influential on our own development, as we have delivered services aimed at building and amplifying their thought leadership.

Kevin Jones started Nashville-based Celero on the premise that small and middle market businesses could grow quickly and sustainably through an intelligent mix of bundled payments and other products for optimizing finance and operations. Throughout his career, Jones has created customer-centered cultures and driven diverse teams focused on continuous innovation. Time and again, we’ve seen Kevin’s empathy enable him to take young, less experienced people and equip them for meteoric success.

George Baker, founder of Dallas-based ParkHub, is a disruptor. Over the last 13 years, George and his team have seen the future of the parking industry and realized that vision ahead of the competition. He’s taken what was once a truly painful customer experience and tamed the monster, aligning parking with the rest of the guest experience in sports & entertainment venues, universities, and municipalities nationwide. His team’s ability to disrupt the parking industry time and again relies upon ongoing efforts that bring trends and technologies together at convergence points in a timely fashion. When the parking industry is ready to change, so is ParkHub.

Donald Thompson, founder and CEO at The Diversity Movement, is a serial developer of cultures based on fearless achievements. Like Jones and Baker, he has developed a “coaching tree” of leaders who “run to the fire,” thriving in times of adversity to create renewed focus and spectacular results.  A seasoned technology and marketing executive, Don has now ventured into the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion, launching an organization that itself is running into the fire. The team of champions at TDM is helping organizations of all sizes become more inclusive in an ever-diversifying and fractured society.

“Kevin, George, and Don are the kind of people who leave an impact on you with every conversation,” said Parklife founder Brian Castle. “One of the reasons I take such deep joy in my work at Parklife is the privilege to work with leaders like these three men. While they’ve taken vastly different approaches to their work, they have an important common denominator, and that’s a deep empathy for their colleagues, clients, and partners. I’ve experienced that empathy first-hand, and I am grateful to have each of them continue to inspire me and my team to do our best work.”

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