As a growing virtual agency, it’s important for us to have the right tools for any job, whether that’s a good teleconferencing interface, project management software, or a social aggregator that enables us to manage multiple social media profiles for dozens of clients. While those technologies are essential to managing our business, we’ve embraced another advancement in cloud-based know-how, remote video capture.

New Tools for Bringing Video Marketing Capabilities to Every Business

The Parklife team has been an early adopter of a pair of remote video capture technologies, OpenReel and StoryPrompt. Each offering affords Parklife’s diverse client roster an array of remote video production applications, from thought leadership clips featuring executives and client and customer testimonials, to expert panels, training modules, and on-location feature stories.

With OpenReel and StoryPrompt, our producers can capture video footage from afar, using cloud-based technologies optimized for mobile phones and webcams. The result: 4K high definition video fit for websites, social media, and of course, video channels on Vimeo and YouTube. Our software enhances collaboration, as the subject, director, and other stakeholders can gather in a virtual studio environment. Together, we can tease out the best takes, and then our team can handle the editing, branding, and publishing.

Meeting the Speed of Modern Business Without Sacrificing Quality

Remote video capture and production helps our clients in a couple of great ways. First, they can be more flexible with their time commitments, freeing up key people for shoots lasting 15 to 90 minutes rather than having a traditional video production company come on-site like an invading force for hours on end. Second, since the overhead on our end is pretty light–some optimization equipment like ring lights, lavalier microphones, and green screens when applicable, we’re able to shave hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars from production costs. Even companies with larger budgets can produce video content quickly, efficiently, and affordably, preserving greater spends on high-profile commercials, for example.

Just as we adopt much of our own technology to help us scale quickly and efficiently, clients who leverage our remote video production services will see how they are tailored to grab great content without burdening business operations.

See What Remote Video Can Do for You

At Parklife, we can work virtually with any client, anywhere, remote video production brings together multiple skills sets from our team: strategy, scriptwriting, storyboarding, directing, editing, and producing, from video enhanced animation to graphic design. To learn more about what remote video can do for you, whether it’s building your executive team’s thought leadership capabilities to building engaging training modules, contact us today at