As a marketing professional who manages social media for more than a dozen clients, people often ask me how I’m able to adapt my voice to suit different brands and influencers. In this article, I’m going to let you in on a few techniques that enable me to write from multiple points of view.

Examine Existing Content

Before writing any social media posts, I conduct around 15 to 30 minutes of in-depth research to get to know a client’s personal style, mannerisms, and creative preferences. Here are a few steps you should take to get to know your client on a personal level:

  • Explore their website: Most importantly, check out their website and gain an understanding of their brand’s tone and writing style. A company’s website is a fantastic place to learn how they communicate with potential customers, and it can serve as a jumping-off point for creating social media content on their behalf.

  • Check out past social media: After looking through their website, make sure to check out their recent social media posts. You can gather a lot of useful information about the tone they take on social media and the types of words they use on a regular basis. When you’re creating new posts, try to mirror the previous content they’ve created, unless they’ve expressed to you that they’re looking to go in a different direction. If they’re looking to do a complete social media overhaul, this is your chance to redefine their communication style and properly align it with their brand’s personality.

  • Gather inspiration from similar accounts: If a client voices that their current social media presence isn’t everything they’d like it to be, a great first step for redefining their strategy is to check out social media accounts in their industry. You can gain inspiration about which types of posts resonate the most with followers in terms of likes, shares, and comments. When you’re putting together new content, you can create similar posts to see if your client’s followers respond positively.

Forget Your Personal Creative Voice

Every writer has a unique creative voice, and that’ll serve you well when creating first-person social media content. However, if you’re writing for a client, it’s imperative that you cast aside your personal voice and replace it with the voice of your client. Every business and influencer has a different personality, and it’s important to let this shine through in any content you create for them. Avoid falling into old habits such as using the same casual tone you use in your personal social posts.

Become Someone New

Whenever I’m writing for an influencer, I try to imagine what their innermost opinions and desires are. I also envision how they would communicate these innermost opinions and desires if they were to put pen to paper. Some people express their thoughts forcefully and use confident language that communicates strength, expertise, and authority, while others take a softer approach. This same concept is true for businesses: There are some companies that seek to be the final word on a subject and aren’t afraid to use powerful, confident words to get their point across. On the other hand, there are other companies that choose to take a friendlier approach and communicate their value through positivity, kindness, and helpfulness.

Whether we’re talking influencers or businesses, there are a million different combinations in between those two extremes. It’s important to properly define this personality, so that you’re able to communicate their messages with pinpoint precision. When writing social media posts, your word choice is incredibly important, because you have a limited number of characters to communicate your point. Word choice becomes even more important if you’re writing for another individual or entity, so make sure to select words strategically and consider how each will impact your overall message.

Get Help

It can be tough to capture the perspective of someone else and create social media content that properly captures their unique voice. If you’re looking for assistance, contact Parklife today. We help marketing agencies across the country fulfill their clients’ content creation needs.